Poles and Fittings Gallery

Poles and Fittings Gallery

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Galvanised plain-end tube is available from stock in diameters ranging from 21.7mm to 60.3mm and lengths up to 6.5m.


Tubeclamp Short Tee
Tubeclamp Long Tee
Tubeclamp Corner Through Tube
Tubeclamp Two Socket Cross
Tubeclamp 60 Degree Elbow
Tubeclamp 90 Degree Elbow
Tubeclamp 3 Way 90 Degree Elbow
Tubeclamp Adjustable Short Tee
Tubeclamp Adjustable 2 Socket Cross
Tubeclamp Wall Flange
Tubeclamp Railing Base Flange
Tubeclamp Plastic Stop Ends
Tubeclamp Ground Socket
Tubeclamp Clamp On Tee
Tubeclamp Gate Eye
Tubeclamp Gate Hinge
Tubeclamp Handrail Bracket
Tubeclamp Railing Side Support Vertical Base
Tubeclamp Railing Side Support Horizontal Base
Tubeclamp Side Palm Fixing
Tubeclamp Internal Swivel Tee
Tubeclamp Short Swivel Tee
Tubeclamp Sleeve Joint
Tubeclamp Internal Joint
Tubeclamp 4 Way Cross
Tubeclamp Clamp On Crossover
Tubeclamp 90 Degree Crossover